Farm to Fork have combined 3 holidays into 1 . We have created the perfect balance between farm experience, culinary classes and recreational adventure activities.

We have created the perfect holiday for an active lifestyle individual or group that is looking for an educational and interactive experience combined with leisure adventure instead of the traditional holiday destinations. Something new…… and exiting…….. an experience very few have had before!   In all our tours we showcase the real heartbeat of a country where you will get to experience true and sincere hospitality.

Through the Farm-Culinary-Adventure experience everyone will get the opportunity to get back to nature whilst learning the ins and outs of this industry, getting involved interactively and for the brave and daring a chance to get their hands dirty.

Farm experience.

Agriculture and tourism meet to provide the visitor with an amazing educational experience, whether it be a tour of a farm or ranch, a festival or cheese-making class.

Farmers, ranchers and wineries turn their land into a destination and open their doors to the public in order to teach more about what they do.

Agri tourism offers a unique experience from picking own fresh fruit or vegetables , to trying your hand at calf roping, to a hay ride at a pumpkin farm or a short lecture on the “what & how” of the farm. There are tons of unique activities waiting to be explored.

Cooking class menus.

The most amazing of our outdoor culinary art classes is that they do not have respective menus. Whilst the class participants are having their farm experience, the Chef will be running around sourcing ingredients that are good, clean and fair from either the farm, one in the area or a supplier that has adopted the Slow Food principles.

Slow Food principles.

Food that’s:

  • GOOD, in other words food that is fresh, in season, and locally grown;
  • CLEAN, is food that is produced and consumed in a way that does not harm the environment, animal welfare or our health; and
  • FAIR, means fair market conditions and pay for small-scale producers (and their workers) and reasonable prices for consumers.

Outdoor free flame cooking.

Outdoor cooking differs substantially from kitchen-based cooking, the most obvious difference being lack of an easily defined kitchen area. As a result free flame fanatics have developed a significant body of techniques and specialized equipment for preparing food in outdoors environments. Most outdoor cooking is dictated by the foods themselves which are to be cooked. The most important being: direct heat, boiling, frying, grilling, and roasting, will, perhaps, describe the cooking methods employed most often in outdoor cooking. South Africa is the heaven of free flame cooking and the only country in the world that has adopted 4 distinguished free flame cooking styles: braai, potjie kos, shisa Nyama and smoking AKA American style BBQ.

Leisure Adventure

Is a type of activity involving exploration or travel with a certain degree of risk, and which may require minimum special skills.

It’s the out-of-the-ordinary sometimes on “roads less travelled” activity that may be any tourist activity that includes physical activity, a cultural exchange, and connection with nature.

This may include activities such as mountain biking, cycling, zip-lining, hiking, exploring, caving and water sports such as canoeing, rafting, kayaking and sailing.


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